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This week in the United States, there were a few states that had blackouts. In New York the power was out for a few hours. A few hours without power may seem like a mild inconvenience for some, but if you have medical equipment that runs on electricity, a few hours could mean life or death. This blog is about different ways to power electric or electronic equipment when there is no power.

Preppers use the term Grid Down Scenario when referring to an area that has a power loss or blackout. When the power goes out it is easy to close yourself off and wait out the situation. Let’s take a minute to think about the elderly and less fortunate. Are you capable of taking in the elderly and less fortunate? Make a plan to accommodate guests.

I am one of the many people who have sleep apnea. The first time we lost power in my city was literally an eye opener. There I was sound asleep, when all of a sudden, my CPAP machine’s mask collapsed to my face. I sat up in bed and ripped my mask away, gasping for air. The house was eerily silent. My cell phone was on, but not charging. I pressed the television remote, nothing happened. I climbed out of bed and looked out the window. It was snowing outside. I woke the wife and kids to observe the snowflakes drifting in front of the window. I tried to go back to sleep, but my sleep apnea would no permit that to happen. Of all the prepping I have done, this is an aspect that I had not planned out.

At the first opportunity, I went to the Veteran Administration hospital and talked about ways to use my CPAP machine in the event of a power outage. The VA representative told me about the Freedom CPAP battery kit. This battery kit supplies about four hours of power for a CPAP machine. This machine has a USB connection to allow for cell phone charging also.

I also have a Schumacher 1200 peak amp jump starter, air compressor with a 12v, USB, and power port kit. This portable battery can provide limited power to a lamp, pc, or portable radio. It can also jump-start your car or truck. I keep the 1200 peak amp battery jump starter in my RV. In my car, I have a smaller Stanley 1000 peak/500 instant amp with an air compressor.  Both of the jump starters can be used to run my CPAP machine and/ or charge my Freedom CPAP battery. Lastly, I made a solar charging system to charge these batteries in case the power stays out for an extended amount of time.  

Check on the pets and make sure they are safe and sound; they are your responsibility also. Are the reptiles ok without their heat lamps? Are the aquatic pets ok with out the bubbler or filter running?

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