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Hurricane and Floods

Turn around don’t drown

This week the east coast is getting drenched. Hurricanes and thunderstorms are causing floods and hazardous conditions everywhere. While the water is rising, there are somethings to be aware of.

About six (6) inches of flowing water can take a person away. About twelve (12) inches of flowing water can take your vehicle away. Turn around, don’t drown (regardless of how high tech your vehicle is). Avoid bridges over fast-moving water. Don’t try to swim or walk through it. Tell someone where you are going, when you are leaving, and time of arrival (estimated and actual).

Do not run a generator indoors. When water rises get to higher floors (STAY OUT OF ATTIC). Have a flare, waterproof flashlight, or signal mirror at the ready. Sandbag in areas to deflect water flow. Trash bags of water can deter water from seeping through small cracks.

Have you ever seen the people walking through floodwater? Sometimes they were getting to safety, sometimes they were wandering aimlessly.

Yeah well, don’t do that. Think about this, animal feces, backed up sewage lines, toxic chemicals from the neighbor’s drug labs, dead animals that did not make it to safety, and garbage from overturned trashcans are a few of the things you can see in the water.

Cholera, dysentery, giardia, hepatitis A, and cryptosporidiosis are some of the bacteria and viruses that can be hidden in floodwaters. So do not play in the water – It’s gross.

Did you get your bottled water before the stores ran out? No? Do you have zip lock bags? Fill them with tap water and put them in the sink, refrigerators, and the freezer. Frozen water in the freezer will help keep the freezer cold in the event of a power loss. Powdered mixes like Kool-Aid or Crystal Light added to water then put in the freezer can make a nice treat while waiting for the power to return. Use fresh rainwater (the stuff falling from the sky, not the stuff floating on the ground) to flush toilets and boil it for more than two minutes for drinking and cooking.

We are going to have our first give away. This is going to be a pop quiz.

The Prize – Aquapodkit Emergency Water Storage

The Question – If you have no running water in your house, Where are two places to get drinkable water in your home?

The first person to reply with the answer wins. Make sure you send your e-mail address so that I can get your contact info –

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