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What’s in da Bag?

As a child going to church was not an option. While sitting on the pew for what seemed like an eternity, I began to get antsy. My Grandma would reach into her purse and pull out a piece of “Puffy Peppermint,” or butterscotch. The preacher wiped the sweat from his brow and talk about the good word. The elderly lady beside her began to shed tears of joy. My Grandma reached into her purse and pulled out a stack of tissues. That purse always had a dollar for me to put in the tithes and offering bin. When we left the church there was another dollar in that purse for me to keep; since I did so well in church.

 Theoretically, my Grandma had an EDC. EDC stands for Every Day Carry. Most prepper videos and websites will talk about a slew of cool stuff and crap required for your EDC. The purpose of the EDC is to get to a Bug Out Bag (BOB) or Get Home Bag (GHB). The items of the EDC depend on the individual’s skill set, the pocket space for the gear, and where you plan to regroup. Your EDC will also depend on the state you live in.

As stated earlier, Grandma had everything she needed in her bag. Her purse served her purpose. There are no “One size fit all” when it comes to the gear you need to prepare for a life-changing event. The biggest problem most people have is understanding the difference between wants and needs. Going hand in hand with wants and needs are expenses. You may NEED a way to make fire; but you WANT a waterproof propane torch lighter with even more expensive bells and whistles attached.

                Now that you have your bag, do you blend in? The grey man concept is to blend in with everyone around you. In an emergency event, you do not want to advertise that you may have things others may need or want. When out and about, playing the role of the grey man, it may not be possible to carry a Get to My Car bag (GMC), GHB, or BOB. The EDC are tools and gear that will get you to a regroup point. The regrouping point should be where your bag is. Everyone has different priorities and skills. Therefore, EDC should vary. Some people carry a small firearm – concealed carry.

Some people carry a pocketknife, flashlight, and multitool on their belt. Carrying so much gear they look like Batman. That violates the grey man rule – unless you ARE Batman.  By the way Batman – definitely a prepper.

Side note: As a Diabetic and Disabled Veteran, I carry enough of my medication, snacks, and supplies to get me from Point A to Point B. You should talk to your physician to determine the best option to manage your medication for emergency purposes.

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