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When I was young and naïve, I thought that a burglar could be spotted easily. They would have on a beanie, wear a mask, and would be carrying a big black bag. This imaginary burglar would either slide down the chimney; Santa Claus style, or sneak in through a window.

Now I am older and wiser, and maybe the criminals are too. I knew some people who were not honest upstanding citizen in their youth and they taught me a thing or two. I learned the best way to prevent myself from becoming a victim is to learn what the predator is looking for. This blog is going to give you a few tips on how to not become easy prey.

Generally speaking, I have learned that criminal are a bit lazy. They do not want to waste effort for a prize that is not worth the risk. If you have ever been mugged or pick pocketed, you know that it is usually over in an instance. If your house has been robbed, it is usually when a lot is going on in the neighborhood and the attention is away from your house; or nothing is going on and the neighborhood is quiet.

The lazy criminal wants the easy mark, so they can make an escape and not have the fear of getting caught. If you are walking around with the extra-long wallet hanging out of your pocket, as you travel through a crowd there is a high chance you will be pickpocketed. If you travel with your purse open, you are at risk of being robbed. Most would say “I have been doing this for years and I have not been robbed.” This is very true. You may never get robbed. Depending on where you live, it may be a matter of time. Why take the risk?

If your home gets robbed, more than likely they came in through the lower level. Criminals usually do not make the effort to climb up the back of your house to enter through an open window – but they could. Most often the criminal will go through the window or door that is hidden from view. Sliding glass doors are the least secure, followed by doggy doors, windows, and then regular doors.

Unlike the television shows I watched in my youth, criminals normally do not break into your homes at night; unless you are not home. A lot of home invasions happen in the day when everyone is at work or school (including your nosy neighbors). A criminal is not going to make it obvious that they are stealing. The least amount of noise the better.

Whether the thief is with a crew or alone, the objective is to get in your house and get out as fast as possible. Electronics, appliances, jewelry laying around, and cash/credit cards/ checkbooks are the quickest for a thief to get away with. There are some exceptions to the rule, I once had a neighbor that had all of HIS underwear stolen along with the family dog.

The hard truth is if someone is going to break in, they will find a way to do it. Our job is to make it as difficult as possible. So how do we do that?

Placing a broomstick handle on the track of the sliding glass door is a cheap way to add extra security. The same can be done for the windows. Putting better quality locks on your doors. Adding an audible alarm system can be pricey but worth the peace of mind. Motion lights that light up the area are great, outside cameras add to the deterrent.

 There are some incidents of criminals breaking into homes while the owners are still home. I was talking about this awhile back with a student. The student said he would shoot the invader as soon as they stepped inside the house. That sounds good if you are carrying the weapon on you as you relax in your house. Most people I know that have a concealed carry, lock their weapons away when they get home. Those who don’t carry, keep their weapons locked away. So, if you are sitting around the house watching television, and someone breaks in; you may not be prepare. Theoretically you have to get to the locked weapon, unlock the case/safe/ weapon lock, load the weapon, and engage. All of this while hoping the rest of the family is fending off the intruder. Hopefully while you are preparing to defend your home, the intruder does not have a weapon of their own.

One of my best home defenses are my wife’s yappy little dogs. These pups are afraid of everything, therefore they bark at everything that comes near my house. As a prepper with young ones in the house, I have surprises in every room.  I make sure that there is nothing dangerous in view for prying eyes or tiny fingers. I also do not want to walk into the house and get injured by my own hidden weapons – that would suck!

If you want to learn more contact me. Let’s talk about it.

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