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Portable Garden

Whether you decide to buy-in or bug-out. There will come a time when you have to food stores will begin to run low.

I am conducting a little experiment. For the past month I have been growing food from cuttings. The objective is to see if I can grow vegetable to eat in a short time. I also want to see what I can grow to seed.

I planted lettuce and celery, the last week of August. They lasted a month. They did not survive a 10 day trip to the desert. I planted two celery and about six carrots. The celery and carrots not only survived the desert trip, but they are also doing well.

This experiment of an indoor garden proves that if we have to pick up and leave, we can bring fresh food with us. Now we have to create a wildfire/earthquake escape plan that includes the edibles.

Preparedness month is almost over. Have you checked you bags, plans and routes? Is your travel route still open? Have you learned a new skill?

The more skills in your head, the less gear in your bag.

Let’s talk about it.

Rob Battle – The Battle Prepper

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